Customer Testimonials

Good times and great tones.  Synergy is my home away from home. Jason is a talented producer, engineer & composer.  I look forward to doing more with him at his amazing studio.

Mike Inez

Alice In Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart,

Black Label Society, Slash's Snakepit,


Jason's Studio (Synergy Productions) is absolutely pro-level, great sounding and he's a thorough and talented man!  Can't wait to come back in!!  I've worked with Jason off and on for years.  It's always my pleasure to record and mix at his place.  He has an excellent console and knows his way around it.  He always has great 2nd engineers and the gear works well with lots of choices and boxes to work with.  Good mic and amp selection, grand piano and a fully functional coffee maker.  What else could I ask for?  

Ben Smith

Drummer for Heart and many others,


If you have a music project, Synergy Productions is definitely the place to do it.  It just feels like home.  I can't wait for the next one.  Absolutely incredible experience! Looking forward to doing more projects with Synergy.

John Wilson

Dimestore Prophets

Jason is fantastic. I was referred to him 5 years ago by a local icon in the industry, and I have never looked back. Jason cares as much about the final product as I do, and he has the techniques, console, mic pre's and rooms to deliver an amazing finished product. Look at his client list. Listen to his product. I love Jason.

Neil Sturgeon

Bleu Sturgeon

Having spent over 130 days working with Jason Shavey at Synergy Productions, over the course of several albums and projects, I can’t say enough how valuable it is to find someone who is both extremely talented & competent, as well as a joy to work those long hours in the studio.  The studio itself is amazing and because I value an analog console and outboard gear, Synergy is ideal for what I want to do with recordings.  I find very often Jason and my own sensibilities about sound and recordings, meet up incredibly well, and that is one for the reasons I continue to rely on Jason and Synergy for my recording needs when there are so many options in the Northwest.  I guess the greatest compliment I can give is that years later, I still get specific compliments about the sound of recordings from the past.  Great times, great recordings.

Chris Cullman

Omni, Import/Export

Our band, Strange Jerome was looking to record quickly and at a fair price.  Jason Shavey and Synergy Productions met out needs.  We had a lot of fun working with him, he’s a wizard with a great sense of humor.  His recording studio is very professional.  Comfortable too.  We love the album we worked on together and we look forward to producing another project with him again.

Sherri Jerome & Michael Beckworth

Strange Jerome

Working with Jason has been fantastic! He is very efficient and level headed. Brings great balance and sense when I need him to do something "out of the box" or when its just time to make me do it "the right way". Excellent service and facilities provided at Synergy Productions.

Adam Estner

I have recorded with Jason Shavey for years. He is very savvy and a top notch pro. He cares about his clients to no end and has a special ear for producing. Can't say enough about how great it is to work with him. And that doesn't even account for the quality of the studio he is piloting. Yes, Synergy is great.

Robert Lunte

The Vocalist Studio

This would not be a proper review to not first highlight this studio's greatest asset, it's owner Jason Shavey. Many young, inexperienced artists get wowed by a big board and a sweet mic locker and jump in, only to find out that the engineer is not up to par, both in work flow (time=$) and capturing what you have in your head properly. Good ears and decades of experience with pro artists cannot be underestimated.

I have tracked 2 records in Jason's studios over the years with Children of the Revolution, as well recorded and mixed the live "Flamenco de Raiz" CD. He has also run our live sound now for over a decade, both in town and on the road. The consistent audience response is a testament to his ability to capture the sound and translate it to the listener in a powerful way.

The new studio is bad ass. We were easily able to mix and have it translate to multiple sources (car stereo, home stereo, etc). The old school SSL magic, plenty of iso booths, as well as a solid mic and outboard selection should give most artists whatever they need to complete their project.

But like I said, the real value is that you can still get Jason as part of the package. On top of his skill set, he is a pleasure to work with and has an infectious enthusiasm that is very conducive to creativity. Highly recommended.

Eric Jaeger

"El Comanche", Producer/Lead Guitarist for Children of the Revolution & Flamenco de Raiz

Synergy Productions is a great place to record.  All the right equipment plus a great group of guys running it.  Jason Shavey has created a great environment to be creative in as well as productive.

Eric Groff

Dimestore Prophets